Irish Blog Awards

Increasingly Irish bloggers are becoming more influential, with more people reading and writing blogs, more businesses using blogs to engage with their customers and with more buying decisions being influenced by bloggers.

The Irish Blog Awards was established to acknowledge the immense effort and commitment that is invested into creating a memorable and insightful blog.

Blogging is a tool that is available to everyone, for them to further their businesses, to write about their passions and to video their successes. Irish Blog Awards work to celebrate the very best in Irish blogging talent.



12 thoughts on “Irish Blog Awards

      1. I’ll have to put my thinking cap on for this one. Parenting & Family, health, cooking, travel, activism, feminism, mental health, creativity, something to reward positivity- i know i like to read blogs that are positive but make me think too, something on “alternative” blogs too cause they kinda get ignored. I’m not looking for much am I ☺ It could be just me but ive always felt that the blogging world in Ireland can be a very small place especially if you’re not covering celebs, beauty or fashion. Again this is just my take. I am very excited about this initiative well done 💖

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      2. All Ireland Blog Awards should include as many Blog types as possible without needing 100’s of categories. Parenting and Family is massive but never really noticed, would like some niche blogs on board too. thank you for your help x

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  1. OMG congratulations what an amazing thing to do! A lot of hard work I am sure but your going to do fantastic, and we are all behind you! Definetly a hair and beauty category 👌 xxx

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  2. OMG congratulations!! Your taking on a lot of hard work but I know you can do it because we’re all going to behind you the whole way❤️ it’s amazing what your doing and we all appreciate you!! Definetly a beauty and hair category 👌

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